Tor Miller – Barefoot at the Belmont

Tor Miller’s Barefoot at the Belmont on 7/30/2015 (Review)

Blankets and chairs spread on the grass. Two pianos, amps, and a mic set up on a makeshift stage. The Dallas skyline provides the backdrop for the final concert of KXT’s Barefoot at the Belmont series. Acknowledgments and introductions are made. And finally, the first act, Tor Miller, makes his way on to the stage. A tap on the keys, a quick hello, and Miller starts his first song.

The Brooklyn native is on tour in support of his first EP Headlights. The tour has taken him across the US and into multiple countries around the world. Recently, he’s been opening for UK superstar James Bay.

As each song is played, I become more in awe of the 20 year-old. The soulfulness of his voice is something you would expect from someone that has been in the business for decades. As he plays ”Now And Again”, you can tell the audience is entranced by every single word. It’s understandable because the dynamics of his voice are so unique. The ease that he has going from his regular singing voice to his falsetto is admirable to any person with an understanding of music and vocal training.

Although he has a very calm and cool attitude towards his music, he provides a whole new depth when he shares stories about the songs. He told of his times in the burlesque bars and the boiler room in his college dorm. Most artists never provide that detail, but to the audience, it was extremely special.

Another thing that I thought was special about Miller was his casualness. He came out wearing a white shirt, black jeans, and Converse shoes. He wasn’t trying to bring attention to what he was wearing, it was all about his music. For many in the music industry, it’s all about what’s going to grab the next headline, who’s getting dissed by which artist, etc. As much as I love hearing about artists “spilling the tea” and the fan wars, it’s really time to centralize on what’s it’s all about: the music.

There were two special moments for me during Miller’s set. The first was when he sang “Midnight”. This was the song that had introduced me to Miller for the first time. At the time I heard that song, I knew there was something extremely special about him. The next time was when he sang “Always”. It once again confirmed his potential. As he left the stage, I was desperate for more. His debut album is on the way and I can’t wait to hear it. There’s so much more to come and this is just the beginning.

Although the chances are limited for this tour, if you have the chance to see Tor Miller live in concert, I highly suggest that you buy your ticket now.

Watch Miller perform “Always” below!

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