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Tish-Hyman-–-Dedicated-To-Album-StreamDedicated To (Review)

Four letter word: L.O.V.E. I love Tish Hyman. Consequently, this is also a song on her debut album “Dedicated To:”, which was released last Tuesday.

I came across Tish when she released the video for her single “Subway Art”. Unlike most rappers, I was drawn to her authenticity and message. I asked her the meaning behind the song during our 2015 interview. She said, “’Subway Art’ is my ode to NYC. It’s me telling a story about the stories I heard growing up on the trains.” Regarding the visual, she said, “These people are seen and overlooked. A piece of art can hang in the same place and some people may look at or admire it, while others completely ignore and overlook it. People in the subway are often overlooked. Just like art.”

“Subway Art” was the prelude to a story, and “Dedicated To:” is just the beginning chapter.

She’s different. Her production isn’t something that could be compared to most. It’s mostly minimalistic, therefore, completely highlighting her lyricism. She’s not boasting and bragging; she knows she’s in it for the long haul. The distinctive tone in her voice lends to the stories she tells: raw truth.

While the female rap category broadens in 2016, Tish adds her name to the mix. Some have even compared her to Lauryn Hill. I asked her what she thought of the comparison in our interview, and she said she took it as a compliment. With that being said, Tish is Tish. Her path could lead her anywhere.

While “Subway Art” is a definite standout for me, personal favorites include “Home for Christmas” and “All That I Can Do”, which recognize past and present situations with a hope and a goal for a better future – a message we could all resonate with.

Question now: What’s next?

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