The Mick

The Mick (Review)

Kaitlin Olson is one of the funniest individuals on television. With eleven seasons (the twelfth currently airing) of “Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia” under her belt, it was about time someone gave Olson her own sitcom. Fox nabbed her up for their new comedy “The Mick” and you couldn’t ask for a better performance from Olson.

Four episodes in and her character resembles that of Dee on “Sunny”. She has no filter, her antics are outrageous, but instead of roughhousing with the guys, she’s playing an aunt who happens to fall into the mom position after an unfortunate situation with her sister and brother-in-law.

So far, Olson has had to deal with teenage pregnancy, an almost equally unfit nanny, and most recently, a child who copes with his parents’ departure by eating objects.

The cast, besides Olson, is made up of rookies, but it brings some great new members to the comedic scene on network television. Fall’s successful comedies were out-of-the-box and set the scene for the standard from this point forth. “The Mick” finds the balance of plying it safe while adding a bit of flare to the Fox lineup.

I’ve like what I’ve seen so far and I’m hopeful for the show’s success. Olson will continue to play that key role, but there needs to be that right-hand man (or woman) who needs to step up in the coming episode to provide a true supporting role. Full of potential and it’s theirs for the taking.

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