Taboo (Recap)

FX is the network to beat. And they will continue to be the network to beat in the coming year. Their upcoming lineup consists of the popular “American Horror Story”, “The Americans”, “Fargo” mixed in with the highly anticipated “Feud”, “Legion”, “Snowfall”, etc. After a successful fall with comedies “Atlanta” and “Better Things”, we move into the winter with “Taboo”, a weirdly-timed, but equally as captivating, period piece that debuted this week.

Episode one focused on the return of Tom Hardy’s character, James Keziah Delaney, whose disappearance for years aboard the ships of the seas surprised many as he attended his recently-deceased father’s funeral. One includes his sister (Oona Chaplin), whose past and future will come to fruition in the episodes to come. Another includes the members of the East India Company, who hold the last piece valuable piece of his father’s estate: a piece of land on the west coast of North America. While the East India Company thinks they can dupe him, Hardy’s time abroad has shown him the increasing value of land at the time. Hardy refuses the money he was given for the buyout of the land and we’re ultimately left with one major cliffhanger to start the season. Oh, did I forget to mention that his father was poisoned? Well…

The introduction episode is pretty slow, despite the twists, like many premieres are, and has a dreary feel to it. However, its technical craftsmanship and cinematography carry it and make it clear that there is so much more to this project.

I was skeptical when I saw the trailer debut in a movie theater in Dallas, but as far as FX’s recent history, quality always come first. I’m expecting quality.

The next episode will air January 17 at 10/9c on FX.

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