Snakeships – Cruel

13700136_1119726628086508_4082740046918693872_nCruel (Review)

Zayn Malik’s new collaboration may be titled “Cruel”, but the really cruel thing is that his career as a solo artist just started. Yes, the stint with One Direction led him to worldwide recognition, but it’s amazing to me that people are just now discovering his solo talent.

His debut single “Pillowtalk” rocketed all the way to number one on its first week on the Billboard Hot 100, and it’s still a bop that could make end of the year lists.

His album “Mind of Mine”, is hit or miss. It has the entrancing “It’s You” and funky “Like I Would”, which are personal favorites of mine and strong pieces for his first go around.

However, this latest collaboration with Snakeships is next level. Wow, it’s good. When heavy hitters like Britney, Katy and Tinashe released singles on Friday, I took immediate listens and picked “Cruel” as the winner.

There’s something extremely intoxicating about Malik’s voice, almost hypnotic – smooth for the most part with rough edges. Match that with the extremely eclectic and electrifying production, and that is “Cruel”.

Snakeships had a smash hit with “All My Friends” featuring Tinashe and Chance the Rapper in the UK. However, living in the States where quality music can sometimes take a moment to get to us, “Friends” never had that same momentum. It’s exciting, though, because “Cruel” could make up for that and be a launching pad for Snakeships’ success over here.

I can’t stop this list of summer smashes because everyone is delivering. Every week. No disappointments.

Listen to “Cruel” featuring Zayn below!

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