Sing Street

Sing Street (Review)

Fulfilling its quota for the “British/European” film of the year, “Sing Street” found its way onto the Golden Globes nominations’ list this year. And like its formers (“Philomena” and “Pride”), I found great charm in the film. Unfortunately, I found it very formulaic as well.

Looking over the films I’ve reviewed so far, the young adults and kids have been truly marvelous and a great sign for the future of film. Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Lucy Boynton embodied the angsty teenage couple that fights for each other’s love (one more than the other) and SPOILER ALERT end up together sailing away on a speedboat. As cheesy as that may sound, the film does heighten certain topics like individuality, expression, and even the Catholic Church.

However, where certain moments pushed the outside of the box, I would hardly say “Sing Street” broke the box. And in a year where “La La Land” is sweeping the nation by storm, would you rather see another teenage band climbing their way to success one school dance at a time or an elegantly crafted piece of cinematic history?

As “shady” as this may sound, “Sing Street” picked the wrong year to do a musically-heavy film. But hey, I could be totally wrong and people might be chomping at the heels to see this film.

I really wish I had enjoyed this film more, but the quota-filling, teenage-romance, trying-to-hard-for-British-pride film just wasn’t as good as years past.

Watch the trailer for “Sing Street” below!

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