Paterson (Review)

A leaf may have turned after the Oscars wrapped, but over the course of the past few weeks I have watched the so-called “snubs,” and I’d like to bring them to your attention again. First: Paterson.

Out of the dozens of characters I found bits and pieces of myself in the pool of nominees, Adam Driver in “Paterson” was far and away the most relatable figure to my life.

Driver’s character lives his life in a rotation – somewhat eerie, but extremely understandable. From the time he wakes to the time he sleeps, he will mentally (I can imagine) check off task after task of the things he’s done. And it continues and continues for almost the entire duration of the movie.

His one bright spot for inspiration is in his journal of poetry. To confide all of life’s thoughts into journals is something I try to do, whether it be the tangible thing with pen and paper or through my website where I find comfort knowing that maybe one person will take something to heart and carry that forward. Just maybe.

But what if all of that was taken away? What if in mere hours or seconds it’s gone. Scary, right?

I won’t ruin the ONE spoiler of the mivie for you because it’s really an unsettling and shattering moment for Driver and the viewer.

I know I’m not alone in finding similarities with Paterson, and that’s why I implore you to see this movie. The unexpected in a film about repetition might really surprise you.

Watch the trailer for “Paterson” below!

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