Lady Gaga – Joanne

14731203_10154799369604574_7279856940951385412_nJoanne (Review)

To say Lady Gaga has changed my life would be an understatement. So to say this review would be my “typical” review would be false. Gaga has a special place in the pop sphere and in my heart, and “Joanne” is stitching its way in both.

When I first listened to “Perfect Illusion”, I questioned what Gaga was doing. It’s extremely different and it’s not something the everyday “pop” listener would say, “Play again! Play again!” But, I look back now at when I saw Gaga open the Grammys in 2011 with “Born This Way”. It was electrifying, It was confusing. It was captivating.

I’m fully engrossed in “Joanne” right now – its hooks, its lyrics, its general vibe. Whenever I hit play on any of the songs, I’m drawn to a memory from my past. “Grigio Girls” reminds me of nights out with my sister and my closest friends. “Diamond Heart” reminds me of my first year in college. “Joanne” reminds me of when my Nonnie died.

On Thursday night when the album dropped I sat in my papasan at 11 p.m. with my eyes closed and an ongoing slideshow playing in my head during its duration. As “Angel Down” made its reprise, I looked back at the moments Gaga has brought me over the past five years – the single releases, the daily updates from the Gaga stans, the tours I waited hours in line for, the long car rides with Gaga blasting in the radio.

I’m never ashamed to call Gaga my idol or muse. I may never have the one-on-one opportunity to thank her for what’s she’s done in my life. But this review/opinion piece/open letter is just one way I will show my gratitude.

Thank you, Gaga. For “Joanne”. For everything.

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