Fences (Review)

Two of the most engaging performances I have seen in years unfold in the greats Viola Davis and Denzel Washington. Working like two boxers in a ring, the married couple cracks jokes, exchange jabs and never miss a beat in the film adaptation of “Fences”.

Commanding the screen like they conquered the stage back in 2010, Davis and Washington filled the entire theater with emotion – bellyaching laughs and multiple audible gasps included. I can only imagine how they delivered these spine-chilling moments every night during its revival.

Davis, who’s likely to win her deserved first Oscar, is a “one-two punch” from the moment she delivers her first line to her last gaze into the sun. Every blink, every quiver of the lip is captured to make this a performance of a career.

Washington, whose façade embodies the everyday working man, comes along with a painful history and secrets that impeccably and unexpectedly place themselves throughout the film. His role as Troy can be equally matched with his role as Washington the director, brilliantly making a stage play come to life on screen, with major emphasis on fluidity.

As well as breakthrough roles in the script, young titans Jovan Adepo and Saniyya Sidney have breakthrough performances that will definitely be major stamps on the start of each of their careers.

Knowing little about “Fences” before heading into the theater was satisfying as a moviegoer. However, being well-versed in the script probably wouldn’t hinder its watchability either. It’s ready for Judgment Day either way. “Fences” is not easy on the heart or on the mind and that’s perfectly alright, as long as you have Davis and Washington taking the realms.

Watch the trailer for “Fences” below!

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