Emeli Sande – Hurts


Hurts (Review)

-3 Brit Awards

-Ten non-consecutive weeks at number one with her debut, “Our Version of Events”

-Best-selling album of 2012

-Performed at the opening and closing ceremonies at the Olympics in 2012

No pressure, right? Wrong.

And waiting four years until 2016 to drop her next major release made the anticipation heighten. For the people in the UK, this is like an Adele-sized release. Once again, for Americans, we hardly seem to relish in the unparalleled beauty of Emeli Sande.

I’m fine with holding onto this treasure for a little while longer, but I know she will break America, and I’m guessing it will be with her first single, “Hurts”, off her upcoming album “Long Live the Angles”.

In 2012 and 2013 when “Our Version of Events” was at its peak, Sande refused to say “no” and continued to push on performance after performance, song after song. With this relentless schedule, her personal life took the backside and it showed, maybe not as publicly as some, but definitely a hard blow. This explains that gap.

With a truly triumphant return, the Emeli Sande everyone loves is back and really does sound better than ever with “Hurts”. Softly singing the intro, “Baby, I’m not made of stone/ It hurts”, and transforming into a fast-clap anthem that doesn’t break until the outro, where she repeats those same words.

The beginning and end of a relationship told in just a few minutes. Solidified with passionate lyrics, the song escalates with a full choral and strings section. I can already imagine this being played in full arena with listeners gripping on to every word she’s saying and note she’s holding.

There are so many wonderfully mysterious things about Emeli Sande that make her unlike any other artist. Her private life is so private, but her honesty through her lyrics puts it all on the table, making it so public and leaving so many questions. But, I remain overly content and eager for more. Sande has released one, if not the best, songs of the fourth quarter, setting her up brilliantly for the awards season in the UK and hopefully a push in the right direction for the United States.

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