Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic (Review)

It’s always the little surprises that make my day. When the Globes and SAGs were announced, I love seeing the unexpected films make their way onto the list, I love seeing who get snubbed and why. Usually this is because there are new films I have to see in time for the big night. Of course there are the front-runners that have stayed on my list since speculation started in regards to the Oscar race. Luckily, “Captain Fantastic” received nominations in both the SAGs and Globes, giving me a little bit more of a reason to see the film and a nice surprise to my list of 2016 films.

We can make the argument that there isn’t a normal family, but the Cash family in “Captain Fantastic” takes normality and throws it completely out of reach. Ben (Viggo Mortensen) creates his own bubble for his family six children and educates them on his survival guide for life, physically and mentally. And in his defense, he does a pretty fantastic job. They all have their one-in-the-world names, strengths and quirks. At the heart is family.

Mortensen has been garnering a lot of the acclaim for his role, but his independent-thinking children really are the glue for his life and the movie itself. Their understanding for the outside world and the questions they have for it are appropriately timed with a new year beginning.

The darkness underlying the comedic tone really balances nicely as the plot unfolds. The sense of illusion and this new ideal life that we’re taken to in the beginning is such a tease when halfway through we’re thrown back into life in civilization.

Speculation shows that “Captain Fantastic” is right on the edge of getting itself a nomination for the Oscars. But will it snub another or make its position rightly known and deserved?

Surprises, familiar faces and moments of humanness are what make “Captain Fantastic” such a wonderful movie. It may have been a surprise to me when it made its way on some of the award lists, but it obviously deserves being on them when you look at the diverse group of films we’ve been presented with this year.

Watch the trailer for “Captain Fantastic” below!

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