Britney Spears – Make Me

13718611_10154342392623234_1723425650676590253_nMake Me (Review)

Make me say, “YAS, Britney. YAS.” And as usual, she delivers.

Hearing “Make Me…” was like listening to “Oops!” for the first time. The 90s kid in me screamed like a new episode of “Doug” or “Rugrats” was on, or even like when you got one of those chocolate eggs with the prize inside.

“Make Me” was that prize. It was that feeling of waiting a week for a new episode and that episode DELIVERED.

For most, “Work Bitch” and “Britney Jean” were flops. Britney attempted to steer into the new direction of pop music – although, she is Britney Spears, who is pop at its core – and made a wrong turn down while making her delivery. I, however, loved that album for the most part. As generic as it sounds, her two singles on “Britney Jean”, “Work Bitch” and “Perfume”, were absolute classics to add to the Britney favorites. And look now, the word “work” has been used in some of the biggest female pop anthems of the year.

So is it possible to say that Britney was ahead of the already changing pop landscape? Absolutely. I’ll excuse “Pretty Girls” because that was rushed and Igloo was featured.

Anyway, Britney did everything right with “Make Me.” The feature… Perfect. G-Eazy is at his top of the game right now and is only getting bigger. The production… just right with its timing. Every one seems to be trying to do something “different” with their first single – some work and some don’t. Britney’s does because everyone knows the many facets of the pop princess herself. And finally, the chorus. If there’s one thing Britney will be remembered for, it will be for writing a chorus that will instantly be engraved on the brain.

It’s hard to believe that Britney is on her ninth album. It’s even more difficult to believe that she continues to produce hit after hit, regardless of what the charts may say at different times. Britney is timeless, a pop classic and will forever hold the hearts of many *cues “Stronger”*. YAS, Britney. Yes.

Listen to “Make Me…” below!

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