#BreakfastTea: Oscars Snubs and Surprises

The nominations for the 89th Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday, here were some of the surprise nomination, and of course, the snubs.

SURPRISE: Lucas Hedges. Thank god the Academy put this young talent on the list. He was snubbed at the Golden Globes – thankfully the SAGs and BAFTAs did not make the same mistake. Hedges, as I said in my review of “Manchester by the Sea”, really brought such a different perspective to the film and his bits of humor were absolutely essential to the balance of the film. However, I’m very confused why Michael Shannon was nominated after not even being considered at the Globes – Aaron Taylor-Johnson won for the category. I’m not even mad about it because experts predicted that one of those from “Nocturnal Animals” would be nominated. Just confused.

SNUB: AMY ADAMS. I am absolutely furious why Adams didn’t receive a nomination. “Arrival” was the last film I watched and I was completely in awe of the character she played. I am not alone, Twitter was buzzing yesterday. With that being said, I’m a little surprised seeing Ruth Negga’s name on the list. I had her out after the Globe nominations. The best actress role would have been/is unlikely to go to either.

SNUB: Sunny Pawar. For all the recognition that “Lion” is getting, that boy’s performance was electrifying. He brought that piece to life the second he uttered his first line. He has a long career ahead of him so I’m not ultimately concerned.

SURPRISE: There weren’t any curveballs in the supporting actress category! So, ultimately, that’s a good thing(?) But, I’m not all for the hype around Nicole Kidman’s performance in “Lion”. I know she was a favorite to be nominated at every award show, I just don’t get it. With many opportunities to shine in her role, I just didn’t feel the emotional connection like the other nominees in the category.

Ending on a positive note, I am extremely content with the best picture nominees this year, and for the most part the actors and actresses. These films are diverse, they have great characters, and not one relates to another in any way, and that’s how it should be every year. I am not upset now, but that could all change on February 26 when the awards are announced.

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