Brayton Bowman – What’s Really Good?

13669574_1233086010076101_912677186723119598_nWhat’s Really Good? (Review)

What’s really good? This song.

Wow, OK, full cheese on that lede. However, it really is THAT good. From the cheeky introduction to the blaring trumpets, Brayton Bowman has made a big mark for new artists striving in the pop music scene this year.

While longtime fans of his first two EPs, “The Update” and “Here | Now”, only have to wait a little while longer until his upcoming EP “22 Minutes”, they know Bowman has been serving pop and soul tunes for a couple of years now. For me, favorites include “Stephen” and “Real”. Like I said, solid and massive pop tunes, but the message remains the same: the music.

“What’s Really Good?” emphasizes the important things in life while steering away from the pop culture of material things, whether it be private jets or the fanciest threads.

In our interview last September, Bowman was candid and honest, which is no different than the way he acts on his social media platforms. He supports his friends and is not afraid to share the love for the artists he loves. Before “What’s Really Good?”, he’s re-“fixed” “Baby One More Time” and “Bieber’s Hotline”. This has given fans a nice interlude before the original material, including “22 Minutes.”

When we spoke on the phone during the interview, he said he would release his debut after the third EP. What it contains? Who is working on it? Etc. We don’t know. What I do know is that Bowman continues to get better and better. While the longtime fans have anticipated the debut, I’m sure “22 Minutes” will solidify Brayton Bowman in the minds of many.

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