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Lemonade (Review)

SURPRISE! And just like Beyoncé, I make my return with a music review. Okay, so maybe this isn’t as earth shattering as “Lemonade”, but it’s good to return to writing about music with REALLY good music out.

When you’re disconnected from social media, you sometimes miss all the teases or the little bits of news along the way, but of course since Beyoncé is Beyoncé, it was hard for her album/visual drop to go unnoticed.

As I watched the trailer during the middle of last week, my jaw was on the floor. Whatever “Lemonade” was going to be – even though we all knew it was the album – looked as sweet, with that punch of sour, as the title would suggest.

I would dedicate one hour to completely indulging myself into the visual experience and tackle the music the next day. And while watching this, I said to myself, “And when you think you think she couldn’t outdo herself…”

She may have not “changed the whole game when that digital dropped,” but she did continue to solidify her status in the industry: Queen.

While Beyoncé may lead the most private life of any singer today, she bared everything and more with “Lemonade”. There weren’t any songs where she boasted about her love over a pop-heavy beat. She took the grime, the dirt and the reality and hit us right in the face. Kind of like when she took the bat during “Hold Up” and just smashed the car’s window into a million pieces. Better yet, more like when she took the monster truck and drove over a street’s worth of cars.

I mean, hey, when you have to make a point, you should go all out.

Besides the music, the visuals are stunning. From the costumes to the scenery to the tiniest props, there wasn’t a single detail that wasn’t meticulously placed or forgotten. It’s only days after the release and the album and visual have already been considered to be the best of the year. And that’s what we’ve come to expect.

We’ve all seen the success and failures of the attempts other artist’s have tried to replicate like Beyoncé’s last surprise album. But really, no one has even come close to that. You could contest Adele did the same thing, but we still got an advertisement and promo days before the release.

Beyoncé is the one to beat – as a musician, an artist and an icon. We can all sit, wait and watch for something with the magnitude of “Lemonade”, but I don’t think we’ll see that until the next Beyoncé surprise release. However, I think I’m going to be able to savor this one for a little while. Just a little.

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