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Betty Who’s High Society Tour on 10/18/2014 (Review)

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Betty Who’s debut album Take Me When You Go. I was also fortunate enough to attend Who’s High Society Tour a few weeks later. In my opinion, she absolutely killed it. For me, I still like to think of Betty Who as my little secret in the pop music industry. I have a few artists that I’m keeping a close watch on in the UK, but she is definitely the one I’m watching for in America. She hasn’t hit it big yet over here. But like any artist, you have to start somewhere.

When I arrived at the concert, I was a little unsure of how things were going to go (I had never been to a show at The Granada before). To my surprise though, I was one of the first ones in line. Something caught my eye, however. Right in the alley way was Betty Who walking across one of the ledges in the parking lot. Being the person I am, I had to meet her. Long story short, I met her. She was by far one of the most down to earth human beings I have ever met. She was so kind to have spent a few minutes with me. That was a moment I will never forget.




Anyway, back to the show! When I got inside The Granada, I had rushed my way to the front and had staked out my spot. Within the next thirty minutes, the opening acts began to play. I won’t go into those very much, but it was obvious that the crowd like Great Good Fine Ok much better than Joywave. After they played, it was finally time for the show.

When Who got on stage, she received the amount of applause a veteran performer would receive. Her “Who Crew,” her die-hard fan base, absolutely adored her. That shows how much she really cares about her fans. Her set and band were minimal, but that’s what made this show that much more personal. At times, I felt like it was just us two in the room. She made everyone feel like they were a part of the show.

I couldn’t have asked for a better set than the one she performed. It had everything with it. From the upbeat dance songs to the stripped back ballads, she did it all. My favorite performance was “Somebody Loves You.” She had everyone jumping up and down, clapping their hands, and dancing through the whole song. It honestly felt like a moment of pure liberation. For those three minutes, I didn’t have one care in the world. Those are the moments I live for.

I wish that night didn’t have to end, but like every good thing, it must come to an end. If Betty Who is ever in your town, go see her. She truly is a remarkable performer and human being. Like I said in my review, I wish her nothing but the best in the years to come. Her big break is coming… Just wait.

Check out more information: http://www.bettywhomusic.com

Buy Take Me When You Go: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/take-me-when-you-go/id917364839

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