Arrival (Review)

Two things.

I’m still extremely bothered by Amy Adams’ name missing from the list of nominees for best actress. With a total of eight nominations for the movie itself, tying “Moonlight” for second place, it was almost obvious that Adams would take a spot. Unfortunately, no. And now I sit wondering, who should’ve gotten the axe? Meryl or Ruth Negga? Yes, I said Meryl.

Second, I can admit when I’m wrong. I said that “Arrival” looked like another “space movie” months ago. How completely naïve I was.

“Arrival” centers around the past, present and future of Amy Adams’ character’s life. The past and future is where it gets tricky, and unfortunately, without spoiling things, I have to leave it at that.

As extraterrestrial life makes it way to twelve spots around the globe, Adams is brought in as a linguist to try to break the barrier between this new species. Partnering with the great minds of the world, Adams is able to communicate and translate with the aliens behind their wall. Her self-realization leads to a mind-bending twist you didn’t see coming.

No disrespect to Jeremy Renner or Forest Whitaker, but this film was for Adams. Her performance is powerful with subtle punches bursting with life, which makes it all the more confusing for the lack of the nomination. She is the gentle giant of Hollywood and I don’t think she would mind that title. She morphs into each character she’s presented with and makes you forget the celebrity attached to the person, something few can do so effortlessly.

The “sci-fi/space” genre is completely shattered with “Arrival”. Of course it has to be placed in that realm, but it really has separated itself from the typical, which I love to see. This can predominately be seen in the special effects and cinematography. From the bareness of the Montana landscape (filmed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) to all of the inner workings in the spacecraft, it is simply beautiful.

I am happy to have been proven wrong with my initial thoughts, however, the sting of not being able to hear Adams’ named called in late February will probably last until then.

Watch the trailer for Arrival below!

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