Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

12832439_10153431511871027_232725551187270721_nDangerous Woman (Review)

Pop perfection.

I’ve been trying to think of the words to describe this album for about a few days now, but I continue to come back to these two words.

Since “Dangerous Woman” (the song) was released, it’s been hit after hit. Its diversity is comparable to “My Everything” and the quality is close to that of “Yours Truly”.

While standouts this year in the pop world have been Sia, Rihanna and Beyoncé, each are so different in comparison to Grande. Sia has the mystery, uniqueness and rasp that will give you chills. Rihanna has the “badass” nature from her lyrics to the production. And Beyoncé… Well, Beyoncé is Beyoncé. Just refer back to my review of “Lemonade” to see me gush. With Grande, it’s pop. Pure pop.

A few favorites…

With a clear 90s influence, and what I think is an ode to Madonna, “Be Alright” just made me want to scream, “You go, girl!” as she vogued her was through her “Saturday Night Live” appearance.

“Into You”, the next single on the album, couldn’t scream “summer single” anymore. With a video and multiple performances on the way, there is inevitable potential.

Grande reunites with frequent collaborator Nicki Minaj on the Caribbean-styled “Side To Side”. Both artists are highlighted equally with Minaj spitting fire and Grande giving vocals for days. It’s becoming a fan favorite with a style that crosses multiple platforms.

My favorite track, “Leave Me Lonely”, came as a huge surprise due to its unknown (to myself) collaborator, Macy Gray. With a perfect setup from Gray, Grande builds and builds until her last note. “Lonely” is just one chapter in Grande’s book. But, it’s a clear reminder that she’s not afraid to air all her laundry – dirty and clean – to the whole world. In her cover story with Billboard, she said, “I’m much better at making songs than telling people things.”

There are only a few songs on this album without single potential. Despite those two or three songs, which by no means are bad, this album campaign has the legs for quite some time. However, seeing as though Grande can’t stay away from the studio, I’m not counting on a “hiatus” anytime soon. If there was going to be one, it would be her tour.

She might be pint-sized, but she comes with a punch. “Dangerous Woman” only solidifies the career Grande is building.

Buy “Dangerous Woman” here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dangerous-woman/id1091145606

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