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BURBANK, CA - AUGUST 29:  Actress Ninja N. Devoe attends OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network's ìQueen Sugarî premiere at the Warner Bros. Studio Lot Steven J. Ross Theater on August 29, 2016 in Burbank, California.  (Photo by Mark Davis/WireImage)

The Birth of a Nation

The Birth of a Nation (Review) During a conversation with my mom a few weeks back, I asked her when she thought our nation was ...

MR. ROBOT -- "eps2.9_pyth0n-pt2.p7z" Episode 212 -- Pictured: Jeremy Holm as Mr. Sutherland -- (Photo by: Michael Parmelee/USA Network)

Jeremy Holm

Interview: What was your worst audition? This was probably 16 or 17 years ago. It was for a piece Julie Taymor was directing and ...


Andrew Belle

Interview: How did you get your start in music? Towards the end of my senior year of college I made my very first recording ...



13th (Review) It’s unsettling. It’s unsettling to know that up until I took a prison studies class during my senior year of college I didn’t know what mass incarceration looked like in our country. It’s unsettling to see how this has been erased, dismissed and whitewashed in so many chapters ...


Emily Haine

Interview: How did you get your start in acting and what made you want to keep doing it? When I was a "wee little one" I did musical theatre and loved it. They really embraced my weird. For long as I can remember I’ve wanted to be an actor. I feel like I was built for it. My inaugural training ...


Tor Miller – American English

American English (Review) Being relatable has become one of the hardest things youth “pop” stars face today. While putting on this façade of going out and never stopping is some form of reality in the teenage/young adult reality, that’s hardly what defines us as a whole. Yes, the distorted ...


Prinze George

Interview: How did you all get your start in music? How did you all make Prinze George? Kenny and Isabelle have been playing in bands for most of their lives. I studied voice and was in various choirs and choruses throughout my schooling, but I did not play in any bands until I started working ...